Statement of the Islamic Association of Iranians regarding the confiscation of Iranian ships by the US government



Since World War II, the US government, as a dominant world power, has created international chaos under the pretext of democracy. The division of ‘dominant’ and ‘dominated’ countries has created a global double standard.
Donald Trump’s order to assassinate a Revolutionary Guard Commander, Qasim Soleimai, violated the territorial integrity of Iraq. The world, especially western countries that systematically condemn terrorism at the global level, failed to condemn Trump and his government for conducting this terroristic act. They chose silence instead.
Forcing other countries to collaborate with economic sanctions on Iran, which have inflicted untold misery on the Iranian people while providing ample opportunity for Iran’s ruling mafia to enrich themselves, is a violation of the ‘national rights’ of these countries and must be condemned.
When George W. Bush fabricated facts in order to justify a military invasion of Iraq, and when this fabrication was exposed, no country questioned or challenged it, to date, no national or international judiciary system has condemned this crime.
The destruction of Iraq’s infrastructure and the theft of the country’s national wealth even found its ways into the movies. However, not a single western country, which sees itself as a beacon of democracy, condemned it. Such hypocrisy and double standards are an inseparable aspect of western democracies, as anytime they have to choose between defending democracy or their interest, they choose their interest without exception.
The US government’s confiscation of an Iranian ship and seizure of its cargo once again demonstrated that the US continues to violate international law and has no problem committing acts of piracy and violating other countries’ rights. As if such piracy and theft was not enough, the US has stated that the cargo is being sold and that the income will be going to be given to victims of terrorism in the US. This disregards the fact that the cargo belongs to the Iranian people as part of their national wealth.
Here are some questions for US government authorities:
Do they not know that the brutal economic sanctions on Iran benefits the country’s mafia regime while having a devastating effect on the life of ordinary Iranians, and deeply damaging the country’s economic structure?

Do they not know that the occupation of the American Embassy and taking American diplomats hostage in 1979, as experts like Robert Parry have shown, was planned by the US Republican Party and later on were used in order to help Ronald Reagan win the election? And that this was done through a secret dealing between the Reagan and Khomeini administrations with Israel’s participation, which was later exposed and came to be known as the ‘October Surprise’ and ‘Iran-Contra Affair”?

Do they not know that such secret dealings helped Iran’s clergy party to prolong the Iran-Iraq war, which could have ended in June 1981 but was prolonged by a coup against the Iranian people and the 1979 revolution? That this was a revolution which aimed to re-establish democracy in Iran after it had been destroyed through the 1953 coup conducted with the collaboration of the CIA and the British government?

Do they not know that it was this secret dealing that enabled the Islamic Republican Party to conduct a coup against the first and only truly democratically elected president, A. H. Banisadr, who fiercely and uncompromisingly defended the democratic goals of the 1979 revolution?

Do they not know that Iran’s ruling dictatorial regime is plundering Iran’s national wealth under the pretext of by-passing the sanctions?
Do they not know that Iran’s mafia regime is destroying the economic and social structures of the country and even causing environmental catastrophe as the result of its sheer ineptitude, ignorance and corruption, , and justifying all this destruction with the excuse, We are sanctioned”?
Of course, they know. These are only rhetorical questions to expose the real intentions behind these brutal policies. The intention is clear. It is that the goals of the US are to weakening the regime while not trying to overthrow it, by to maintain Iran’s despotic regime in order to justify its presence in the Persian Gulf, to sell hundreds of billions of dollars of weapons to Arab countries in Persian Gulf and to make the world turn a blind eye to crimes that are committed by Israel in Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and the rest of the occupied lands.
Finally, those so-called “opposition” groups and individuals who not only support the brutal sanctions, the confiscation of Iran’s ‘national wealth’ of Iranians, and even the assassination of members of the regime should know that there is no difference between themselves and the regime. Both are enemies of Iran.
In 1980, some members of the so-called opposition, like Dr. Shapur Bakhtiar, encouraged Saddam Hussein to invade Iran and provided conditions for the power-seeking clergy to conduct a coup against the revolution. Later, during the war, the “People’s Mujaheddin of Iran” lent their services to Saddam Hussain and became combatants of the enemy of Iran. Today, others are serving the interests of the US government, Israel and Saudi Arabia.
We, the Islamic Association of Iranians, condemn terrorism, piracy and economic sanctions that are violations of human rights, citizenship rights and national rights. We also believe that the only time the struggle to overthrow the despotic regime will become successful is the time when our thoughts, words and actions are guided by principles of multiple kinds of ‘rights’ –human rights, citizenship rights, national rights, the rights of societies as members of global society and the rights of the nature. Any struggle that violates these rights will be a struggle for power and a struggle between tyrants. Our thought, word and deed in struggle should always should be guided by these principles.
The Islamic Association of Iranians